Dolphins - Chamarel with beaches and coasts

We also drive to Chamarel here and visit the seven colored earth, but we leave the forest and drive in direction of the coasts and beaches of the island. In good weather, you will be able to make great pictures. According to the season we go to Le Morne, Maconde, Gris Gris, Pont Naturel (not always guaranteed), La Cambuse or Blue Bay.

Duration from / to accomodation around 10h
Price 320,00 € exclusive as a couple after the dolphin trip
Option: small groups up to 6 Guests 120,00 € per Person
Food   breakfast and lunch
good swimmers for those who want to swim with the dolphins
being sure-footed is recommended
Language English
Climate sun and mosquito protection is recommended
Hygiene    toilets before and after the boat and occasionally during the tour
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