Eastcoastdream - The east coast of Mauritius

The most beautiful spots in Mauritius are undoubtedly in Blue Bay and the east coast. …….
We use a 29 ft boat with a capacity for 12 passengers, but we restrict the number to six to make sure you can relax in comfort during the trip. After all, we aim to take you out for a dream.
The trip usually starts early morning from Blue Bay so that you can enjoy a swim in the clear waters of Ile aux Aigrettes, after which we will take a look at the wreckage of Dalbair. We go on to more outer islands – Ile aux Fouquets, Ile aux Phare and Ile de la Passe, which played an important role in the history of Mauritius. Depending on the time of the year, we may then go up the Grand River South East to its waterfall before or after a BBQ lunch on a beach near Ile aux Cerfs. We will then drive back to Blue Bay and use the time left for relaxing or snorkeling.

Duration from / to Blue Bay 6-7h
Price 100,00 € / per person /  max. 6 persons per boat
Private Charter as from 400,00 € / 2 Guests
transfer from / to hotel can be booked at an additional price
Groups and Families on request
Food   BBQ and drinks included
Fitness swimming and snorkeling
Language english
Climate max sun protection mandatory
Hygiene   toilets only in Blue Bay and Ile aux cerfs
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