Alternative excursion in Mauritius

If you feel you may not be able to cope with the climbing tours listed here but would still like to get to know Mauritius on foot, there are other options like Lion mountain, Corps de Garde, Trois Mamelles etc. You will of course be accompanied by an English-speaking guide on all those excursions.
For those who prefer walking on flat grounds, we also offer the tour on beaches and coastlines in the south of the island. Although listed as an inland tour, you have the possibility to walk a total of about 12 km in three short stretches. This tour is very popular among our guests because of the variety: beaches for swimming, cliffs from where you can admire the wild coast with its high waves, a waterfall and going through a forest with huge palm trees among the singing birds. It also allows us to take a less touristic route.
We also have the routes to Maccabee Viewpoint and  Mare Longue Roundabout, although we do not go there in the period from July to September because of the hunting season. Both can be combined with a shorter climbing experience.
How about a morning hike along the rocky coastline from Albion to Pointe aux Sables ? This can include a swim in the sea or in a natural pool on the beach of Albion, where the driver then picks you up. If the lighthouse keeper is around, we might even get to visit the lighthouse.
As you can see, there is a great deal more to see than the generally known places. Just send us an email and let us work out a nice route for you.