Tamarin Wasserfalls or 7 Cascades

If you want to discover wonderful views, waterfalls and nature, a visit to the “Sept Cascades”, Tamarin is a must. With its 11 waterfalls and 13 abseils, deep basins, cliffs and surrounding vegetation,Tamarin waterfalls, also called “Sept Cascades”, is one of the most spectacular landscapes of Mauritius. The starting point is the Hindu temple, from where a small path will lead you to the first high point of the waterfalls. Further on, you will walk alongside the cliffs from where you will have the closest view of the waterfalls. On this hiking trip, the English-speaking guide leads you along a path with a slope of approximately 60%. After a refreshing bath, we slowly work our way beneath the double waterfalls. There will still be more opportunities to cool down during this trip.

The “7 waterfalls”, commonly known as the Tamarin Falls, is situated near a small town called Henrietta on the western highlands of Mauritius. As the highest of Mauritius, the “7 waterfalls” originate from the source of the Tamarin river with an overall height of 293 meters spread over a length of 961 meters. You will find a variety of exotic plants and birds in this quiet and enchanting location. Further away, part of the water is used to produce hydroelectric power. The hiking can be quite challenging at certain places, but it will be well worth your efforts. Birdwatchers and nature lovers will definitely enjoy this trip.

Duration from / to Cruiseship 4-5h
Price 65,00 € 
Food Water and snacks
Fitness hikers need to be sure-footed, good hiking shoes necessary (like Salomon Speed Cross or Supercross), flip-flops are not acceptable.
No operations on the knee, waist or back, pregnant women are excluded from this trip.
Language English
Climate Sun protection is mandatory
Hygiene   No Toilets during the trip
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