How will the weather be on the day of the excursion

The most important question on the day of your excursion probably is: how will the weather be?

Mauritius is primarily an attractive bathing resort but we do have different climate zones and the weather can change quite quickly. Moreover, the climate charts are becoming increasingly erratic. Also we may have different priorities. For example, we are not so concerned about rain on the plateau when we are going to see the dolphins. Guests are often surprised when we cancel tours to see the dolphins in spite of a beautiful clear sky. In this case, we are more interested in the waves, wind and current. One thing is certain - at no time will we endanger our guests and tours can be cancelled at short notice. Tours cannot take place and will be cancelled in case of cyclones and rain warnings. There are no costs for the guest in such cases; any money that may have been paid will be reimbursed. Once a tour has started, it is usually carried out to the end even if the weather changes on the way. Heavy rainfall can occur in the forest and on the plateau, and visibility can drop to zero. You can rest assured that we will not undertake boat tours that may put your security at risk and we do not go on land tours when it is foreseeable that it will rain all day.

You can find more basic weather information about Mauritius in this external blog.