Whale watching

After dozens of encounters with humpback whales alone last year near the coast of Tamarin, we have decided to offer the whale watching trip. Humpback whales are considered to be the living cultural heritage of the “vanilla islands”. They come during our local winter from the Antarctic into the Indian Ocean to give birth to their calves. It is always an incredible experience when mother and calf come out of the water together. We are often just a few meters away from them.

We take up to 6 guests and we offer small snacks and drinks. We need to emphasize that we can give no guarantee on seeing whales.

Duration from / to Tamarin 3h
Price 75,00 €
private charter 375,00 € up to 4 Guests
transfer from / to hotel can be booked at an additional cost
Food water and snacks
Fitness only when meeting the whales we decide if we are able to go swim,
only perfect swimmers with a very good fitness level will be allowed to go in the water with the whales at their own risk.
Language English
Climate sun protection is mandatory
Hygiene   toilets before and after the trip
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