Beach Coast Rum

On this tour, we will take you to see the most beautiful beaches and coastlines of Mauritius. This tour is very popular among hobby photographers and nature lovers. Your tour starts at the harbour and from there directly to Blue Bay, where your boat is ready to take you out for an extensive snorkeling tour in the Marine National Park of Mauritius. After you have changed into dry clothes, we will take you to La Cambuse, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, as you will see for yourself. Le Bouchon and a short walk on the rocky coast of Mauritius will look more like Ireland or Scotland than an island in the Indian Ocean. Depending on the time and the route we take on the tour, we will be having a lunch of vanilla chicken or a hearty fish curry in the colonial house of St. Aubin. We will, of course, take a quick look at the vanilla plantations after lunch and taste various types of rum, which can also be purchased there. We will end the tour with a stop at the cliff of Gris Gris, which is a must. By then, it will be time to take leave of the rough coast and the sound of the waves to drive back to the harbour.

Duration from / to Cruise 9h
Price 120,00 €
Children as from 6 - 11 years 50,00 €
Up to 6 Guests in a 16 Seater High Roof or up to 12 Guests in a Coaster with a Seat Capacity of 22. So your Trip will be very comfortable.
Food lunch included
all entrance fees and snorkeling
Fitness   sturdy shoes and swimwear
Language English
Climate sun protection is mandatory
Hygiene   toilets from time to time
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