La Tourelle Mountain

La Tourelle mountain is located on private grounds near Tamarin. You will require a permit to climb this mountain, without which you would be trespassing. La Tourelle is wrongly considered as a small hiking trip, foreshadowed by Le Morne and Black River Peak. For me, this mountain offers the best view upon the island. From Le Morne to Coin de Mire.

As with the Black River Peak, there are again three paths to the top. However, a permit allows the use of only one of these paths. The other two begin and end in a private residential area. The path is on the north side, which means that you will be climbing on the sunny side. The lower two thirds of the way are partly covered by trees providing some shade. You still have to be careful because of the occasional loose scree and in the last third of the way, of slippery sandy stretches.

If the weather is good, you are sure to have with a great view along the west coast. Towards the south is a panoramic view of Le Morne, the mountains of the national park and Chamarel. To the north are Mount Rempart, the Trois Mamelles and Corps de Garde. From there you also have a good view of the sea.

Duration from / to Tamarin 3,5h
Price 30,00 € (Monday and Thursday)
Private Tour 90,00 € Daily ( max 2 Adults ) 
transfer from / to hotel can be booked at an additional cost
Food Water and snacks
Fitness Great physical fitness - trekking or hiking shoes with a good profile (example : Salomon, speed cross, super cross)
No operations on the knee, waist or back
pregnant women are excluded from this trip
Language English
Climate Sun protection is mandatory
Hygiene   Restroom available from time to time
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